Kaywoodie Lines

Birkshire - Formerly known as Drinkless, burgundy stained smooth finish pipes, sometimes with spot carving, featuring a vulcanite push bit stem.

Campus - A small, light weight Kaywoodie line, the only line to still feature the drinkless screw in tenon with metal stinger, in a chestnut stained smooth finish, sometimes with spot carving, featuring a vulcanite stem.

Connoisseur - Smooth finish, nice grain, contrast stained Kaywoodie pipes featuring a vulcanite push bit stem.

Flame Grain - Nicest grain in the Kaywoodie standard lines, featuring a rich mahogany smooth finish and a push bit vulcanite stem.

Handmade - Fully handmade pipes produced by Kaywoodie President Bill Feuerbach, and limited to 99 or fewer a year, stamped with the year and number pipe produced for that year. Often freehand style or exaggerated classic shapes. Many offer hand cut acrylic stems, all are push bit stems.

Pipe of the Year - Beginning in 2003 with 100 pipes of one shape a year, with 150 made from 2010 on, featuring the work of Kaywoodie President Bill Feuerbach on most.

Red Root (or Red-Root) - Sandblasted and then partially smoothed, stained deep red and featuring a push bit vulcanite stem. All the benefits of sandblasting but with a more gentle texture.

Relief Grain - Sandblasted mahogany stained pipes with a push bit vulcanite stem.

Saxon - Sandblasted red finish pipes, sometimes with a freehand style, but frequently now a flush mount vulcanite push bit stem.

Standard - Lightly stained smooth pipes with fair grain.

Super Grain - Lightly stained smooth pipes with more consistent grain than the Standard, but not as exceptional as the Flame Grain. Featuring push bit vulcanite stems.

Thorn - Limited release hand rusticated pipes in a black finish, featuring acrylic stems, often with some accents.

Unique - Sandblasted limited release Natural or Black finish pipes featuring acrylic or vulcanite push stems with a briar accent.

Kaywoodie 100th Anniversary - 2019 release celebrating 100 years of the Kaywoodie name, limited to 100 pipes, 20 each of five shapes; Apple, Billiard, Bent Billiard, Dublin, and Square Shanked Panel.